The Three Fingered Hand

The Three Fingered Hand
  • Item #: 9781937911645
By, Eda Walsleben
Fiction : Suspense
Hard Cover 
ISBN: 9781937911645
pp 374 
Sleepy Moon Town, Ohio has been awakened to a very mysterious and cruel crime. Although the Moon Town Police Department is well-equipped to solve such a bizarre case, the truth is that this peaceful town has not dealt with many murders: This case is only the second crime of such magnitude to occur in Moon Town. This unusual case begins on a very important day in Moon Town: The wedding day of the MTPD's very own Detective Stephen Spandowitsky. Detective Spandowitsky - or 'Witsky for short - became a household name across the nation after he solved Moon Town's infamous "Victorian Murder Case," and he didn't rest until a sadistic killer had been brought to justice. The detective was a respected and well-liked member of the community, so it was no surprise that the entire town took part in celebrating his wedding to the beautiful psychologist, Dr. Marion Walther. The wedding took place on a cool spring day in March at the historic Moon Town City Hall. Everyone who attended agreed that it was the social event of the year, and the day was filled with joy, happiness, and love. Sooner or later, though, all good things must come to an end - and unfortunately for the young couple, everything good ended too soon. If you are a homicide detective like the hero in this story, such sudden stops to a happy occasion are accepted and dealt with. For Detective 'Witsky, and his new bride there are really no such things as "routine days." The mystery started just one day after the wedding. 'Witsky and his new bride were just about to leave for their honeymoon in sunny Cancun, Mexico; when the detective noticed he'd received a mysterious envelope in the mail. The envelope contained one severed human finger. The grisly discovery meant the beginning of another case for 'Witsky - and it looks like he'll have his work cut out for him. Many questions popped into the detective's head right away, for instance: Whose finger is it? Where did it come from? Will more grisly envelopes arrive at his doorstep? Will it eventually lead to murder? To answer all of these important questions, the newlyweds are forced to put their honeymoon plans on ice. Marion, also a member of the MTPD, knew that in order to solve this gruesome mystery, they had to get to work at once. 'Witsky joins forces with his highly qualified crime fighting team: * Dr. Marion Walther-Spandowitsky, a talented young psychologist with an encyclopedic knowledge of the criminal mind - and the detective's new bride. * Detective Rudolf ("Rudy") Spandowitsky, 'Witsky's nephew and a valued member of the MTPD Homicide Division. * Dr. Elvin ("Doc") Raponders, a seasoned member of the MTPD Coroner's Office and a medical expert. The Team went to work immediately. At first they just had a few scattered clues - a severed finger, and a mysterious drawing of a child's hand - but the next day a body was discovered in a shallow grave. Will the 'Witsky team be able to crack the case and bring the killer to justice? Will they be ready to expose the person responsible for what appears to be a cruel murder case before more harm is done? It'll be a forceful battle, but the 'Witsky team will not rest until they can bring peace and harmony back to their little town.


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