My Song of Solomon

My Song of Solomon
  • Item #: 9780971487413
By, Stephanie Franklin
Fiction, Christian Romance- Marraige & Relationships
Hard Cover
ISBN: 9780971487413
My Song of Solomon is a story of true love. "Many waters cannot quench love neither can floods drown it..." These were the words that Solomon Pierre' spoke softly to Barina Grant. She was petite with long beautiful kinky colored hair and had smooth light cream colored skin. While Solomon on the other hand, a poet with words and a spiritual love song in his heart; who had a deep and intriguing voice, a 6' foot stature, honey nut colored skin and muscles to be noticed. His words were ineffable. They were incapable of being expressed into words--they were just that breath taking. The thought of her ever finding true love was almost impossible as she became a 14-year old mother, and went from being homeless to a warehouse worker, to a properous writer. After meeting Solomon her feelings turned to him possibly being her eternal love. But through time and wrong choices, she nearly lost her life, her dreams, her career, and almost lost her mind. Yes will be the story that Barina will tell in this hope-filled, dynamic, moving, and purpose filled fiction story of feigned love, later turned into destined divine love... 


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