Destruction of True Friendships

Destruction of True Friendships
  • Item #: 9781944383244
Destruction of True Friendships
Pamela Buchanan
Soft Cover
ISBN:  9781944383244
pp 142


Time had finally caught up with me, my husband, and my best friend. The blood on my hands and clothing tells it all. A broken heart had finally shattered into pieces. Causing my mind to react to the hurt that drenched from my heart. Perhaps my greatest fears in life at this moment is, that of rejection, or of my husband's and friend's unfaithfulness to me. These fears may perhaps have tormented me into action of a murderer. But, I really can't see that, because did I just perform the acts of a murder? All I can do now is go into a preservation to keep myself from being more vulnerable and hurt. But ultimately, the results of today may have already destructed so many friendships. In matters of seconds and minutes. Now, I've left and abandoned the friendships I thought were true. To be honest, they may have tormented me unknowingly. But now, it's known and now there is nothing to fear but fear itself. There may be no more true friendships left for us. The only thing left is the reckon balls of pain that has just destructed the hearts in many lives. These lives consist of blended families joined together by matrimony and much more. No matter how we view the destruction, our friendships will never be the same. Only the lingering thoughts of what use to be true friendships. I can only imagine if I would have left these relationships years ago. What would life be like now? But running away doesn't really cure any pain. Especially, when your life isn't just destructed by friendships. But, it has left you with a point of no return.



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