Blank Tablecloths

Blank Tablecloths
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Blank vibrant colored tablecloths to add underneath your tablecloth design. You can also add them underneath your table runner to make it really stand out. Make your booth space an extension of your office, school event, or even at a special event with an organized, professional-looking table. Match blank tablecloths to your existing color scheme or logo design. Or use them as the perfect backdrop for one of our table runners. With bright, bold colors, they can help your event setup grab the attention of anyone passing by.


  • Machine-washable, reusable 4 oz. polyester material. 
  • Sized for 4', 6' or 8' long tables.
  • this product is NFPA-701 certified.
  • Not wrinkle-resistant. You can lay it flat to iron or gently steam.
  • Machine washable, the delicate cold cycle is recommended. For drying, set to tumble dry low setting or simply air dry.






Secure your tablecloth with ourtablecloth clamps.
Plus, put them under table runners to make them really pop.


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