Custom Tablecloths

Custom Tablecloths
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Show off your custom designed tablecloth at your school, business, company gatherings or sale events, organization meetings, family or cultural events, author booksignings, or any professional events with a professional look.


Detailed Options Offered:

• Limited or all-over printing options
• Full-color, dye-sublimated printing
• 3- or 4-sided options
• Machine-washable, reusable polyester
• Wrinkle-resistant option available





Printing: Material & Design Options

Which custom tablecloth is right for your table display? Here’s an introduction to each option.

Limited-Print Area

  • 4-oz. woven polyester
  • Center-front print area
  • Crisp white background


All-Over Printing

  • 4-oz. woven polyester
  • Unlimited, full-color print area
  • Fully customizable background

Wrinkle free tablecloth


  • 6.5-oz. wrinkle-resistant polyester
  • Unlimited, full-color print area
  • Fully customizable background




3-Sided or 4-Sided: Open vs. Closed Back Options

Below are our 3-sided or 4-sided custom tablecloths. You can see the difference and the benefits of each option.


 Image result for vista print tablecloths

3-Sided (Open Back)

Setting up against a wall? Take advantage of easy under-table storage, plus extra room for chairs.



 Custom Tablecloths

 4-Sided (Closed Back)

Look polished and professional from all angles. An especially helpful option for trade shows and events.




Clamps: Set up for outdoor success.

These convenient clamps will help keep your custom tablecloth in place, even in windy weather. 4 clamps per pack.

 Image result for vista print table cloth clamps



Tablecloth Care Tips

Each tablecloth material is made of durable, machine-washable polyester, our custom tablecloths are easy to clean, dry and prep for your next event.
clean tablecloths

1st. WASH

Machine wash on the delicate cycle with cold water.

wash tablecloths

2nd. DRY

Use your dryer’s tumble dry low setting – or air dry.

steaming tablecloths

3rd. STEAM

Optional: Use a steamer to work out any small creases.











By customizing this item you must upload your artwork, design or logo below by clicking on the blue button "UPLOAD ART WORK/LOGO HERE" before you purchase this item. If you need us to design your product, click the red button below that says, "ARTWORK, DESIGN,OR LOGO NEEDED" and fill out the information on in the Upload Center and a Design Representative will contact your shortly.





Upload your own artwork, design, or logo (optional if apply). 

For more than 4 ink imprint colors OR for custom colors (if apply), please contact us for a price quote. 1-866-216-0696.



Click the red button to request for us to do a custom artwork, design, or logo (optional if apply). Please contact us for a price quote. 1-866-216-0696.




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