Custom Varsity Letterman Jackets

Custom Varsity Letterman Jackets
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Starting at $175, customize your letterman jacket to fit your style of choice. A fashionable and stylish eye-catching jacket made from high quality materials, designed and created with the highest attention to details. 

-Style: Retro Letterman Jacket / Snap Button 

-Brand new Varsity jacket / coat. 

-Finished from the highest quality leather & wool material. 

-Designed with double stitching for durability. 

-Jacket Body is made from High Quality Wool. 

-Jacket Sleeve made from Genuine Leather. 

-Genuine Leather is made from real Cowhide Leather. 

-With 100% polyester as inner lining. -Fasten at the front with Button. 

-2 front pockets.

-Interior: Quilted lining & Inside Chest Pocket


  • Exterior Body: 80% Wool & 20% Polyester
  • Exterior Sleeve: Genuine Leather
  • Interior: Quilted lining & Inside Chest Pocket


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Price $175.00
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