Death Comes for Three

Death Comes for Three
  • Item #: 9781937911454
By, Edda Brigitte Walsleben
Fiction: Action Adventure/Mystery
Soft Cover
ISBN: 9781937911454
It was the social event of the year in the small subdivision called Enchanted Pecan Groves. Everybody attending this event had a great time. The Victorian theme party at the Cobblestones house would be remembered by all of the party goers for a long time. The party was given in an elaborate Victorian design with all the proper designs and props... The decorations were authentic and so were the costumes. A small Chamber orchestra filled the house with beautiful music from long ago. The food was delicious and ever one had a wonderful time. The party was not very big it was rather an exclusive affair, but never the less no 
expenses and/or effort was spared to make this event live on in everyone's mind for years. The person of the day was the Cobblestones daughter Victoria it was her 9th birthday. Victoria adored the Victorian time and she asked her parents if she could live one day just as if it was the year 1840. Being an only child and of course spoiled and loved by her parents the little girl got her wish. The date of the party was August the 13th a Friday, and the heat had soared all day long; it was the hottest most humid month of August any one could remember. But that didn't take any ones excitement for this party away. Victorian costumes had 
been ordered and especially the women had quite a bit of clothing to wear. The air conditioning units were working overtime to keep all party guests comfortable. Oh what an elaborate affair it was, family and friends commented that this was the absolute best time they ever had together. Hundred's of pictures were taken to remember every detail, without a doubt this party would be remembered forever. No one in attendance knew why though; because what they didn't know was the fact- that Evil was at the party. Death came to the party to claim three lives after the party was over. It was midnight when the gruesome affair was discovered by a neighbor. The neighbor called the police and they began an intensive investigation. Horror spread out in the upscale neighborhood where this event took place. The Homicide department was feverishly working onthe case; but it looked like that some one had actually committed the perfect crime. Death comes for three, but would he take four?


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